Happy Thanksgiving and Site Updates

Website Changes

We’ve made some changes to the website, particularly to the About Us and Game Library pages. We’ve added links to our BoardGameGeek library as well. Enjoy!

New Beer!

We are restocking our Auburn Lager this Friday as well as adding some exciting new options: 9 Ladies Dancing Dessert Beer, Winter Ale, and Mad Bark Cider.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Savings

Buy 1 year memberships for your favorite people!

1 Year Single Person: $150 (regularly $230)

1 Year Family: $200 (regularly not available)

Offer good for 11/25 and 11/26 only.

Happy Holidays!

It’s that awesome time of the year again where we eat till we explode and spend tons of time with our family and friends, and what better place to do that than Merlin’s Beard?

Thanksgiving Hours


Merlin’s Beard will be closed on Thursday, November 24th but will maintain our typical hours otherwise. Yes, this means we will be open at 11am on Black Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

We will announce Black Friday deals early next week, which may or may not be limited to Dice Masters.

Weekday Deals Start November 22nd

Tuesday – Purdue Students play for $2.50.

Wednesday – Free player fare with any purchase.

Thursday – $1 off bottles and pints.

Celebrate Star Wars

Source: Digital Trends

Rogue One comes out on December 16th and we are dressing up for the occasion. We will have a table set up to teach Star Wars Imperial Assault and Star Wars Armada on December 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th. On December 18th, we will run tournaments for these games with a spiffy medal going to the winner and alternate art cards and tokens for other players based on record.

Coming in May we will have a store tournament kit delivered. It is our hope that aspiring players will be able to qualify for higher levels of the Fantasy Flight tournament season playing from Merlin’s Beard.

Wednesday Abstraction


We’ve been running Go nights every other Wednesday since we’ve opened, but we really want more people to come play Go… and Chess! So we are starting up an Abstract Game Meetup at Merlin’s on Wednesday nights. The first two weeks of each month will be dedicated to teaching and learning the games while the last two weeks will be set for competition.

Take advantage of our free player fare with purchase discount to learn these ancient classic abstracts!

November Notes

Hey, hey! Holy cow! The Cubs win the World Series and Merlin’s has been kicking for 3 months! I’ve got some changes to announce for the month of November.

1) The check in rewards program.

We have a tablet by the register now. Use it when you pay your tab by entering your phone number. You get a free Coke (soft drink) on your next visit and your player’s fare is free every sixth check-in. You’ll also receive an occasional text message about noteworthy events and happenings at Merlin’s Beard. You can opt out at any time of course.

2) New Beer.

We have new beers in this month, all porter and stout in nature. My personal favorite is Left Hand brewery’s Fade to Black which is an Imperial foreign stout. Of equivalent awesomeness is Tyranena’s Devil Made Me Do It, an Oatmeal porter. We’ve also got a gem of a stout in Stone’s Xocoveza, which is a blend of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, and chocolate.

3) New achievements.



Check out our new achievement list to earn up to five bucks off in December. Two of the five achievements are earned just by showing up to various events and playing specific games. Then we have three challenges which include: beat Apocalypse with the deck stacked against you in Legendary, sneak 10 contraband past the Sheriff of Nottingham, and avert the Pandemic.

4) Merlin’s Magic Menu

Every Friday we will be magicing up a marvelous meal with our crock pots! We’ve already experienced Italian Beef and pulled pork. Join us next weekend for chili and the week after for Italian Beef again.