New hours! Jobs!

After some data mining and soul searching, Merlin’s Beard will be making the following changes to our schedule effective May 17th.

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 6-10

Thursday: 6-10

Friday: 12-11

Saturday: 12-12

Sunday: 2-10

I do regret closing on Tuesdays, but statistically we are as likely to make $50 as we are to make $200 on that day. Merlin’s needs about $250 in sales for a day to be “successful” in terms of carrying its weight across all of our expenses.

We are also moving our opening and closing times on Wednesday and Thursday. We generally do not see customers prior to 6pm. Additionally, we don’t make many sales after 10pm. While people tend to stick around till 11, they do not generally buy anything, especially on a weeknight.

We are going to compensate on Saturdays by staying open an extra hour since we often see people arriving at 9 or 10. I’m hoping this will draw a third cohort into the store or perhaps encourage people to stick around and have their second drink at Merlin’s rather than elsewhere.

Finally, there will be potential job openings in the near future. If you are interested in working at Merlin’s Beard, send your resume to Applicants should be 19 and older (preferably, 21) and willing to take alcohol server training which costs about $50. Ideal cabdicates are personable, love games and “nerd culture”, and self-starting.

We will continue to watch as trends unfold and you may see additional adjustments in the future.

3 Replies to “New hours! Jobs!”

  1. I dislike the later opening time on Thursdays (and Wed as well although I rarely go to MB that day). The reason is that the post-5:00 time is perfect for an after work meeting. In other words I can stop work around 5 and then wander down to MB, get there around 5:30ish, grab a beer, chat with Tiff, Tony or John and then get a game started at 6. If I can not get into MB until 6 then I have either work late (boo!) or find something else to do between 5 and 6. Probably sit in the car staring at the closed MB storefront. Or, worse yet for MB, go grab a beer and sandwich somewhere else. 🙁

    May I suggest a 5:30 opening time?

  2. I guess I am going to make comment about the earlier closing time on Wed/Thursday. Once again this is personal from a 8 to 5 working stiff who comes down to MB once a week. Unlike Friday/Sat I can’t stay up too late. Got to get home, brush the old teeth and set the alarm to get up for work the next day. So 10 is my cut-off time for getting out of MB but that is flexible. If we end a game at, say, 9 then I’ll be up for another hour-long game with the gang because I know that if we run a bit long then not only can I short myself on sleep but also we won’t be rushed out of the place. With a 10 o’clock closing time I will be less tempted to stick around. Unlike a normal food/beer joint where, when closing time rolls around I can quickly snarf down my drink, it is not possible to rush a game and it frustrating to have to pick up a game before it is complete.

    However, getting down to what is good for MB it is true that I am unlikely to order food or beverage that late. I try not to have a beer an hour before I have to drive and I am not going to have a meal just before bedtime. So MB closing at 10 or 11 does not make much of a difference in my food/beverage expenditures. It might make a difference for daughter India (if I am driving her home) but that is hardly significant.

    Now that I think of it harder what I do not like about this change is the double whammy of an later opening time plus an earlier closing time. Instead of a potential 6 hours of relaxation I now have 4. Less if I have to take the ending time of a game into consideration.

    1. Hello,

      I know the demographics are completely different for our locations but the hours your going to are the ones we are currently on, give or take an hour or two on some days. Also we don’t serve any drinks or food other than prepackaged snacks. So what I’m going to say is obviously really different demographic.

      So as far as gaming realm goes I think your hours are going to hit a nice pocket. We are closed On Sundays and Mondays instead of you tues mon. for the same lack of revenue on those given days. But your later hours may effect a few customers but will open a much wider clientele.

      I believe you’ve made a positive move. Especially if you e taken in consideration of your numbers on a weekly or even daily basis.

      I know our numbers are different due to the things we sell and location, but I hope what I said makes sense.

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