Happy Birthday, Merlin’s Beard!

We did it! We’ve made it a whole year thanks to our really incredible patrons! Alicia and I are so grateful to all of you and especially to those of you who we see week after week.

Membership Changes and Promotion

We’d like to announce some changes to our membership program. First, we are moving to 6- and 12- month offerings. Second, we are adding a 10% discount for members on board games and event passes and a 15% discount on pre-orders for members. Third, members now receive complementary soft drinks*. Finally, player fares are included with your membership purchase.

6-month Membership is available for $130.

12-month Membership is available for $230.

Add a +1 to either membership option for $100.

Add a +family to either membership option for $200.

* Limited 1 soft drink per visit per membership, m+1, or m+family.

While Supplies last:

Anyone buying a 1-year membership in the month of August will also receive a free used game from our collection. We are currently compiling the list but it includes some gems:

King of Tokyo, Big Book of Madness, Takenoko, Munchkin, TIcket to Ride, Shiny Dice, Doom Town, VS System.

Big Book of Madness, Extended

We have decided to extend our Big Book of Madness event by one week. Teams have until Sunday, August 6th to enter an official score. Additionally, teams are allowed one replay before the 6th.

New Games to Play!

We have a number of new and new-to-us games to introduce to you including:

  • Caverna: Cave vs. Cave
  • The Fox in the Forest
  • Tiny Epic Quest
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • Sea of Clouds
  • Conan
  • Dice Forge

New and Notable Games to Buy!

  • Century the Spice Road
  • Dice Forge
  • Fields of Green
  • Element
  • Legendary X-Men
  • Frog Riders

Merlin’s Madness!

Big Book of Madness Store Championship

Mad Merlin here, reporting live from Merlin’s Beard where we’ve just learned that there will be a tournament to see which team of wizards is best at opening and then closing the dreaded Big Book of Madness!

The Window of Opportunity opens for teams of 3 to 5 players starting this Wednesday, July 26th and closes on Sunday, July 30th. All participants will receive two monster promo cards to add to their own Books of Madness. The new cards feature a Mime and a Santa monster! Members of the highest scoring team will each receive a Golem monster promo card and the team MVP will receive the Broken Token lectern!

Points are scored for pages turned, round progress, spells bought, curses destroyed, and madness remaining. Will you make the grade? Find out this week at Merlin’s Beard!

Spiel Winners at Merlin’s Beard!

Kingdomino (spiel des jahres) and Exit (kennerspiel des jahres) are both available to play and purchase at Merlin’s Beard!

Kingdomino is another great game from Blue Orange (Battle Sheep) that teaches in minutes and plays in 15 to 20 or so. Players select domino tiles to add to their kingdom and score points by connecting similar landscape features.

Exit is an escape room turned into a series of puzzle games. Merlin’s has one available for you to try out and a few copies left for purchase. If you like Exit, try out Unlock (also an escape room series) or TIME Stories, which is an excellent series of mystery games.

Takenoko League Continues!

It’s not too late to join us for Takenoko! We have some excellent prizes for top scoring players including alternate art miniatures and bamboo bags.

Coming soon to Merlin’s Beard:

Rozy Pony King of Tokyo Tournament (Early August)

Smash Up! Tournament (Late August)


Legendary Super Munchkin Pandas!

Hey, gamers! We’ve got some exciting games and events coming this week and I’d like to share the news with you!

(Wednesday) Takenoko Week 2

How hungry is your panda? Get in to Merlin’s this Wednesday to grow some bamboo and munch away on those sweet, sweet shoots! Sign up for $5 and receive a set of translucent blue irrigation channels to add to your copy of Takenoko (or to give to a friend that owns a copy).

The event starts at 7pm and costs $5 to join up with three weeks left in the league! Additional prizes include four sets of three nice draw string bags to store the bamboo shoots, and a set of alternate arty miniatures.

(Friday) Legendary

This Friday is going to be Legen-….. wait for it….. -dary! Legendary!

We’ve got a sweet kit from Upperdeck that includes an alternate playmat for the high scoring player, a premium plexi Loki mastermind card, five premium foil Thor cards, and a premium foil “Unleash the Power of the Cosmic Cube” scheme for all participants!

Participants will play two games of Legendary against the vile Loki as he attempts to unleash the Cosmic Cube on the unsuspecting planet! Cast your vote for which team will be taking on Loki on our Facebook page! The initial games will be set with identical villains, henchmen, and heroes, but shuffled randomly because who has time to set the villain and hero decks identically? I mean, really?

Anyway, the winners of each successful opening match will proceed to the Legendary round with the next highest scorers from all opening games filling in the remaining. All participants in the Legendary round will receive the Thor promos. The highest scorer will take their pick between the playmat and plexi Loki card while the second highest scorer will receive the remaining prize.

Space is limited to the first 15 players to show up on Friday.

(Saturday) Super Munchkin & Extra Life

If you haven’t had enough superheroes by Saturday then stop on by to give Super Munchkin Guest Artist edition a go! We have a number of Munchkin promo cards available on a first-come, first-served basis.

While you are here, visit with AndyRoo’s Gaming Gang as they blast through their third 12 hour gaming marathon at Merlin’s Beard! Donations support Riley Children’s Hospital.