Calling all Smiths, Barbarians, and Poets

New games!

We’ve added Dice Forge from Libellud and Conan from Monolith to our shelves this week!

Dice Forge is an intriguing dice building game for the smiths in our crowd.  It is a resource acquisition and management game in which you use dice that can be altered as you play. I’ve heard good things about it and look forward to my first opportunity to play it.

Conan is a scenario based adventure game for the aspiring barbarian. It is a group vs. overlord game featuring one-off scenarios that resemble the original Robert Howard short stories. I haven’t played it yet myself but Andrew assures me that you get some flavor, then you do something epic that does not involve combat, followed by killing a bunch of things, followed by something epic that does not involve combat, then you get some flavor text. I’m crazy excited about this one.

Nevermore Tournament

Join us Friday, August 18th for a Nevermore tournament. This will be a two-round single elimination tournament. There is no event fee for this tournament, however the grand prize, a copy of the Nevermore expansion, will only be awarded if we have at least eight participants.

Smash Up! Tournament

Join us Friday, August 25th for a Smash Up! tournament. This will be a two-round single elimination tournament. There is an event fee ($5) to participate. The first (x) players to sign up will each receive an All Star Faction deck. The winner of the tournament can choose between our two grand prizes: a huge play mat or a set of wood victory point tokens. Should we have at least 8 players, we will award the remaining prize to the second place finisher.

Rumbles Return to Merlin’s Beard!

Rumbles are returning to Merlin’s Beard on Thursdays starting August 24th. Rumbles are single elimination two round tournaments. Final rounds are composed of the highest scoring players from the first round and filled out with the next highest scores from all games. The winner of a rumble gets their choice of promos and things from our loot box. Our first rumble will be Diamant on the 24th and the Ethnos on the 31st.

Gen Con

Merlin’s Beard will be closed on Sunday, August 20th so that the staff can attend Gen Con. In addition, I will be teaching games at the Plan B / Pretzel Games Thursday, Friday, and Sunday mornings, so swing by and say hi!

Coming in September

Rozy’s King of Tokyo Rumble

Pirate Week featuring Sea of Clouds