November Preview @ Merlin’s Beard

We’ve got all kinds of fun for you this month! RPGs every Tuesday, Scrabble and Epic Game Days, and our featured game days for Clank! In! Space! and Legend of the Five Rings.

RPG Tuesday

RPG Tuesday hits full stride this month! Join us each week for new games or play on in the D&D Adventure League series. Games begin at 6pm. Adventure League games start at 6pm and 8pm. We are looking for a GM interested in running Pathfinder or Starfinder Society games. Be sure to check out our public access group at to see what we have in the cooker.

Epic Game Day

November 4th. Want to play a massive game? Venture on over to Facebook event page and vote in our poll to help us decide what to play!

Clank! In! Space! Tournament!

November 17th. We have a cool promo card for all participants. The winner of the tournament gets a $5 gift card good at any Merlin’s Beard location. Of which there is one. So it’s good at Merlin’s Beard! Games start at 6pm. We have one copy, so it would be awesome if someone else brought a copy for us to use during the tournament. That person gets a free player fare (if we use it). Be sure to visit our Facebook event page and let us know that you are interested.

Legend of the Five Rings Imperial Summons

November 18th. Join for our second Legend of the Five Rings event. There is a $5 entry fee because this event has some outstanding swag. Check out the details on our Facebook event page and be sure to let us know you are coming!

Scrabble Saturday

November 18th. Help us grow our scrabble community by participating in our monthly scrabble game day! Check out the details on our Facebook event page (coming soon) and be sure to let us know you are coming.