Friday Night Draughts & Draft: MtG Dominaria!

Experience Friday Night Magic like never before!

Join Merlin’s Beard and host Seth Fisher for our casual magic tourney:

Draughts & Draft!

Your $20 buy-in covers your player fare, first pint*, and puts 3 packs in the draft and 2 packs into the awards pool.

Basic lands will be provided by Merlin’s Beard.

Prizes* will be distributed by record. All players will receive at least 1 prize. The top finisher at each table will also receive an admit one card for Merlin’s Beard!

* All ages are welcome. Non-alcoholic shakes & smoothies or Sodas can be substituted for the included pint.

* Prize support may vary depending on interest. 7 or fewer players will have full Dominaria prize support. 12 or fewer players will be able to draft Dominaria with prize support from older sets. More than 12 players will result in players combining Dominaria with other sets for the draft.