Free 2 Play Summer!

This is John Iles from Merlin’s Beard. I’ve got an important and exciting announcement for today. Alicia and I have decided that Merlin’s Beard will be Free to Play for the month of June. We are lifting our daily cover charge every day effective today (which is Sunday May 29th) and carrying through Sunday July 3rd. This is a pilot program that we hope to carry on throughout the summer and into the next school year along with our Event Ticketing program which is the topic for Tuesday’s post.

Why abolish the Player Fare? First, our cover has been an important part of our revenue stream since the day we opened and represents about a third of our income. It also represents the number one reason why people choose not to come to Merlin’s Beard. It’s expensive. I don’t go to the movies very often for the same reason and am content to wait for the streaming release instead.

Now here we are dealing with interest rate hikes and cost increases for everything which we in turn pass on to you. You’re welcome. Also, we’re sorry. So we ask “what can we do for you” and also “how do we get butts in seats”? The answer, we think, is to abolish the player fare and invite you all in to try out Merlin’s Beard as much as you want for free all summer long.

We look forward to seeing your butts in our seats all summer long.

Also, this is truly Free 2 Play. No purchasing restrictions though we do ask you to consider buying an entree or a couple drink specials while you are here. If there’s nothing you are interested in on our menu, let us know what we can do to entice you in the comments below.