Event Ticketing

We are excited to announce our new Event Ticketing program which debuts tomorrow night (June 1) with Trivia with Ms. Alexa Pro. In a nutshell, our special hosted events will have a cover charge ($5 for our trivia event) that Merlin’s will pay entirely to the event host.

Credit for the idea belongs with Chris Johnson from People’s Brewing Company. They run a live music event on Tuesdays which costs $10/person and you buy your tickets online. Proceeds from the ticket sales pays the band and People’s makes money off of food and beverage sales.

Our hope is that by implementing a similar program we will be able to provide you with high quality event programming throughout the week with hosts motivated to get butts in seats. I should note that throughout this our library remains Free 2 Play for June and that purchasing Event Tickets is not mandatory to play games or eat food at Merlin’s Beard.

Alright, this also means that we are looking for new and exciting Events for Merlin’s Beard. These can be large scale events like Alexa’s Trivia Night or smaller events like hosting an open D&D adventure. If you are interested in hosting, send an email to contact@merlinsbeard.net or drop your contact information off with me at Merlin’s Beard.