About Us

How does it work?

Merlin’s Beard is like taking a trip to the movies. Like the movies you pay for a ticket*, which we call a “player fare”, and the price is $5. You can play as many games as you’d like and, when we are able, we will even help you learn how to play!

You can come to Merlin’s and not play games, and you would not then pay a player’s fare. Most people crack though. It’s hard being the one person not playing in a group.

** We also have memberships in 6 and 12 month increments costing $130, and $230. Members do not pay to play when they visit Merlin’s Beard, and receive a free soda!

*** Current Discounts:
Event Punch Card – Come participate in RPG Tuesday, Trivia Wednesday, Epic Game Saturdays, and Classic Game Sundays to get discounted player fares.

What games can you play?

We have over 400 games at Merlin’s Beard. You can find an exhaustive list at boardgamegeek.com. Players may also bring their own games or host a role playing game at Merlin’s Beard.

Please note that all players must pay the player fare whether you play our games or yours.

Where is Merlin’s Beard?

Merlin’s Beard sits at the corner of 10th and Main Street in downtown Lafayette. You can take the connector (bus 23) from campus and get off at the 11th street stop. Parking can be sparse, so expect to walk a bit. We like to park on the Columbia Street hill between 11th and 10th street.

Merlin’s Beard
220 Columbia Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

When can you visit Merlin’s Beard?

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed for Renovations
Wednesday: Closed for Renovations
Thursday: Closed for Renovations
Friday: Closed for Renovations
Saturday: Closed for Renovations
Sunday: Closed for Renovations

Upcoming Special Hours:


How can you reach Merlin’s Beard?

Call 765-714-4441.
Email Contact@merlinsbeard.net

Find us on…

Facebook: www.facebook.com/merlinsbeard42

Twitter: www.twitter.com/merlinsbeard42

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