Munchkin League: Munchkin Mania

Munchkin Mania is upon us!

This post will be going over the details of how to enter and how we will be running the League, so let’s Jump right into it!

League Entry

This year we are requiring a one time entry fee of $15 to participate in Munchkin League.
The entry fee allows participants to compete during the entire six weeks of play, and enters them in the running for the prizes awarded after the final week.

Entrants will each receive a Munchkin Bookmark promo and two 10-sided dice for in game Level tracking!

Player fare will be charged separately. This event is eligible for our Event Punch Card.

League Rules

  • We will be following the official rules for Munchkin during all League games. No house rules.
  • This is not an official Munchkin Tournament, therefore we will not be following the Long Version Tournament Rules.
  • Cheating is absolutely not allowed unless accompanied by playing a card!
  • Participants will only be allowed to use supplemental items, such as bookmarks and the Level Counter, upon approval from the organizer.
  • Players will be limited to two official games per night. Each game will be limited to one hour of play time if no player reaches Level 10.
  • Players will be awarded twice as many Levels as they have at the end of the match. Those in sole possession of first will receive triple Levels. These Levels will determine the overall winner of the League.
  • Games will start at 7PM to give all participants time to arrive. Please RSVP on our Facebook Event pages to make sure we know you’re coming.
  • All games will be kept to a four player minimum when possible. Three player games will only be allowed when there is no other option.
  • Each participant will be playing two separate versions of Munchkin each week. However, on week one all games will be standard Munchkin.
  • Scores will be final at the end of the night on June 7th!

League Levels

After a League day has been completed, all level sheets will be collected, and posted to a public Google Document. Top scores will also be on display in Merlin’s Beard!
We will be tracking both total league levels, and a total combat power.

The scoring system will be as follows:

  • At the end of a match players will gain League Levels equal to twice their end of game level.
  • Players in sole possession of first place will gain triple their end of game level.
  • Number of sole victories will be the first tie breaker for League Levels.
  • Overall combat power will be the second League Level tie breaker.


Games will be held for six week on Thursdays at 7 PM starting May 3rd.

Thurs 5/3 Munchkin Mania Week 1 @ 7PM
Thurs 5/10 Munchkin Mania Week 2 @ 7PM
Thurs 5/17 Munchkin Mania Week 3 @ 7PM
Thurs 5/24 Munchkin Mania Week 4 @ 7PM
Thurs 5/31 Munchkin Mania Week 5 @ 7PM
Thurs 6/7 Munchkin Mania Week 6 @ 7PM

Make Up Games

Participants are allowed to make up any missed days or games by following a few guidelines.

  • Must be played within two weeks of the missed game(s).
  • Must be played with at least 4 players, unless otherwise impossible.
  • Must be played at Merlin’s Beard.
  • All Make up games must be completed by 10PM on June 7th.
  • If participants know they will be missing a week, make up games may be played ahead of time.

Any players willing to help others play their make up games will be awarded Honor Points to go towards the most honorable player award!


At the end of the League we will be giving out some sweet, sweet loot. Here’s what’s on the table:

  • Merlin’s Beard Day Passes
  • Board game promos
  • Board games (Used and New)
  • Super secret grand prizes for top finishers! (TBA Soon)

Each week, all participants will also receive a Munchkin Promo!

Aaaaaaand, That should be everything! We hope all of our participants have a blast in this year’s Munchkin Mania!

Friday Night Draughts & Draft: MtG Dominaria!

Experience Friday Night Magic like never before!

Join Merlin’s Beard and host Seth Fisher for our casual magic tourney:

Draughts & Draft!

Your $20 buy-in covers your player fare, first pint*, and puts 3 packs in the draft and 2 packs into the awards pool.

Basic lands will be provided by Merlin’s Beard.

Prizes* will be distributed by record. All players will receive at least 1 prize. The top finisher at each table will also receive an admit one card for Merlin’s Beard!

* All ages are welcome. Non-alcoholic shakes & smoothies or Sodas can be substituted for the included pint.

* Prize support may vary depending on interest. 7 or fewer players will have full Dominaria prize support. 12 or fewer players will be able to draft Dominaria with prize support from older sets. More than 12 players will result in players combining Dominaria with other sets for the draft.


Live Trivia is coming to Merlin’s Beard!

Merlin’s Beard is hosting live trivia! Our inaugural game will be Wednesday, April 11th. Sign in is 6:30 to 7. The show starts at 7 and will take an hour or two to play through the set, which will use a general trivia theme. The members of the winning team will each receive a free-to-play single day pass for Merlin’s Beard!

We are using software from to run the show, which I think you will love. The game’s router can support 32 live smartphone connections at a time, which means almost everyone in our space could connect individually if they wanted to!

When you arrive Wednesday at Merlin’s, you will be given an instruction card explaining how to download the SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer App [ Android | IOS ] and connect to the SpeedQuizzing router. Each team will connect to the game through a special WiFi router and set a name for themselves and, once everyone is ready, we play!

You can check out the video portion of from our live test session last week below:

SpeedQuizzing test run

We are testing the SpeedQuizzing software. Feel free to watch this awesome live feed of the question screen.

Posted by Merlin's Beard LLC on Monday, March 26, 2018

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Deals!

Stop by Merlin’s Beard any time this weekend for our Black Friday & Small Business Saturday deals!

15% off all games marked for sale, new or used!

10% bonus cash on gift cards of $25 or more!

10% off 6- and 12- month memberships!

Our hours for the weekend are:
5 to 11 Friday
12 to 12 Saturday
2 to 8 Sunday

We look forward to seeing everyone!

November Preview @ Merlin’s Beard

We’ve got all kinds of fun for you this month! RPGs every Tuesday, Scrabble and Epic Game Days, and our featured game days for Clank! In! Space! and Legend of the Five Rings.

RPG Tuesday

RPG Tuesday hits full stride this month! Join us each week for new games or play on in the D&D Adventure League series. Games begin at 6pm. Adventure League games start at 6pm and 8pm. We are looking for a GM interested in running Pathfinder or Starfinder Society games. Be sure to check out our public access group at to see what we have in the cooker.

Epic Game Day

November 4th. Want to play a massive game? Venture on over to Facebook event page and vote in our poll to help us decide what to play!

Clank! In! Space! Tournament!

November 17th. We have a cool promo card for all participants. The winner of the tournament gets a $5 gift card good at any Merlin’s Beard location. Of which there is one. So it’s good at Merlin’s Beard! Games start at 6pm. We have one copy, so it would be awesome if someone else brought a copy for us to use during the tournament. That person gets a free player fare (if we use it). Be sure to visit our Facebook event page and let us know that you are interested.

Legend of the Five Rings Imperial Summons

November 18th. Join for our second Legend of the Five Rings event. There is a $5 entry fee because this event has some outstanding swag. Check out the details on our Facebook event page and be sure to let us know you are coming!

Scrabble Saturday

November 18th. Help us grow our scrabble community by participating in our monthly scrabble game day! Check out the details on our Facebook event page (coming soon) and be sure to let us know you are coming.