2020 Holiday Hours

Merlin’s Beard will have the following modified Holiday hours for December & January

  • Thursday Dec. 24th – CLOSED
  • Friday Dec. 25th – CLOSED
  • Saturday Dec 26th – 5pm-12am
  • Thursday Dec 31st – CLOSED
  • Sundays Dec 20th – Jan 10th – 12pm-6:30pm

Game Night Kits Now Include Tenders!

We’ve reworked our Game Night To Go Deals, and added a Tender Basket option!
Get 3 tenders with a solo kit, or 6 with a duet kit with the same great game rental discount as our wing combos!

Solo Gamer Kits
$27 – 12 Boneless Wings (acid arrow, bbq, buffalo, dragonfire, garlic parm, neverwinter)
1 5-day board game rental – -1 side of steak fries or mac & cheese – 1 can of soda**

$22 – 3 Tenders (Dips – honey mustard, bbq, buffalo)
1 5-day board game rental – -1 side of steak fries or mac & cheese – 1 can of soda**

Duet Gamer Kits
$40 – 24 Boneless Wings ( acid arrow, bbq, buffalo, dragonfire, garlic parm, neverwinter )
1 5-day board game rental — 2 sides of steak fries or mac & cheese – 2 cans of soda**

$32 – 6 Tenders (2 Dips – honey mustard, BBQ, buffalo)
1 5-day board game rental – -2 sides of steak fries or mac & cheese – 2 cans of soda**

Additional games for $5 each (max 3 games total).
Additional wings in counts of 6 for $6. Additional Tenders in counts of 2 for $5.
Additional sides for $2.50 each. Additional sodas for $1 each.

These prices are only valid with the purchase of a game night kit.

**Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Root Beer, Orange Soda, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet 7up

Contact us at (765) 714-4441 during Business Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6pm-10pm
Friday: 6pm-11pm
Saturday: 12pm-12am
Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Merlin’s Beard Could Use Your Help

Hey everyone, we want to let you know how much we love serving you guys, and give you an update on how things are going. Merlin’s Beard has been reopened for just over two months now, and like a lot of small businesses things have been very slow to pick back up. Our COVID relief funding runs out sometime in September, and at our current business levels we will likely be facing closure.

We need as much help as we can get to increase our revenue over the next couple months. If you like to order out and want to support us, we are asking you to think about giving Merlin’s Beard a call every other week or so and order some wings or a burger. Maybe some mac and cheese. We’ve been working on those recipes so that they stay pretty good on the drive home. You can find our current food menu here.

You can also take advantage of our game rentals and shop at our store. We have many great games available for you to bring home and try out either permanently or for a period of 5 days.

We are also, of course, open for regular business for those who feel comfortable venturing out our way. Our space is socially distanced, santized, and as safe as we can make it. Join us for some on site gaming whenever you would like, and take advantage of our awesome mixed drink (potions!), beer, and cider selections

Give us a call (or send a text), (765) 714-4441, and help us clear this hurdle. If you do send a text, please wait for a message back confirming your order. Our phone system is not ideal for this kind of service, but it works. We can get through this with your help.

Late Night Hours are Back for Weekends

With the return of Purdue classes being eminent we are now increasing our weekend hours of operation.

We will be open Fridays 6PM – 11PM and Saturdays 12PM – 12AM.
Stop by for some great times with friends, games, food, and drinks every weekend at Merlin’s Beard!

These hours may be subject to change depending on the levels of business we see as COVID concerns continue.

Burgers are Back on the Menu!

Burgers are back on the menu. Grab one the next time you come see us!

You can also order a burger for carry out and grab a 5 Day board game rental while you’re at it!

We are currently offering the following burgers:

Human Fighter – The classic. Cheese cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Topped with ketchup, mustard, and mayo!

Bard-B-Que – Cheddar Cheese, fried onions, and pickles. Topped with barbeque sauce

Dragon’s Breath – Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and roasted jalapenos. Topped with house made habanero jam.

Carry Out a Game Night To Go!

Introducing Game Night To Go!
Many people have been asking how you can support Merlin’s Beard. This is it and we need your help!
Call or text your carry-out orders to 765-714-4441 during business hours.

Check out our menu and library at:

Solo Gamer Kit…$30
1 5-day board game rental – 12 boneless wings (buffalo/bbq/parmesan garlic) -1 side of sidewinder fries, mac & cheese or potato salad – 2 cans of soda**

Duet Gamer Kit…$50
1 5-day board game rental – 24 boneless wings (buffalo/bbq/parmesan garlic) – 2 sides of sidewinder fries, mac & cheese, or potato salad – 4 cans of soda**

Add additional games for $5 each (max 3 games total).
Additional wings in counts of 6 for $6. Additional sides for $3. Additional soda for $1.

These prices are only valid with the purchase of a game night kit.**Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Barqs Root Beer, Orange Fanta, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet 7up

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6-10
Friday: 6-10
Saturday: 12-10
Sunday: 12-8

We’ve got Chicken!

Our menu is once again updating with some new items starting July 10th

Returning to our tables this week are the beloved Chicken Tenders and Boneless Wings!

Along with the chicken we are also now serving up sidewinder fries!

The new menu can be found in full here

Our Food Menu is Back and Growing!

The kitchen is now open and serving limited sandwiches and appetizers!

Our current sandwich lineup includes:
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Italian Beef Sandwich
Grilled Cheese
The Mimic (BBQ Jackfruit vegan sandwich)

We also still have the full selection of snacks and other concessions!

The full menu can be found here: Merlin’s Beard July Menu

We will be adding more items back to the menu over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for updates!

We’re Back – Tuesday June 16th!

We will be reopening our doors starting on Tuesday June 16th!

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers seating will be severely limited to maintain social distancing. We strongly encourage calling ahead to reserve space when possible.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and sanitary space. All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between customers, and games will be sanitized and quarantined after use. We ask that all customers wear a face-mask while not eating and drinking to help reduce contamination of products.

Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to gaming with everyone soon!

Our food service will be limited to finger foods and snacks for the time being due to unforeseen repairs needed in the kitchen.
We will be posting updates as we have them, but in the meantime we will be available as a space for gaming!

What are your hours of operation?

Tuesday:6pm to 10pm
Wednesday:6pm to 10pm
Thursday:6pm to 10pm
Friday:6pm to 10pm
Saturday:12pm to 10pm
Sunday:12pm to 8pm

Our current hours are set to accommodate safety for customers and staff during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak
We are dedicated to keeping our space as sanitary as possible for our customers. Limited hours allow us to make sure we have enough time to clean all surfaces and products.

Merlin’s Beard Winter Hours

For the winter season we will be cutting back on afternoon hours.
These hours will likely change again in spring or summer, so keep an eye for updates!

Our new weekly hours of operation are:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5pm to 10pm
Wednesday: 5pm to 10pm
Thursday: 5pm to 10pm
Friday: 5pm to 12am
Saturday: 11am to 12am
Sunday: 12pm to 10pm