Unrivaled Store Championship Updates

It’s time to gear up for the Merlin’s Beard Unrivaled Store Championships. Each championship is a single elimination tournament with some pretty awesome prize support from our partners at Unrivaled (oomba.com).

WINNER: Invitation to play at the Las Vegas Grand Championship* with airfare and hotel provided by Oomba. Details to be worked out later in July.

1st RUNNER UP: Invitation to play at the Regional Championships. Locations to be announced.

Saturday, 6/10 – King of Tokyo
Thursday, 6/15 – Munchkin
Friday, 6/16 – Ascension
Sunday, 6/18 – Nevermore
Thursday, 6/22 – Epic Spell Wars II
Friday, 6/23 – Villagers & Villains

Registration begins at 6:30 pm for all games except King of Tokyo. Registration for King of Tokyo begins at 11am.

* Grand Championship Prize Support:
1st – $10,000 + Geek Chic table
2nd – $5,000
3rd – $2,500
4th – $1000

New hours! Jobs!

After some data mining and soul searching, Merlin’s Beard will be making the following changes to our schedule effective May 17th.

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 6-10

Thursday: 6-10

Friday: 12-11

Saturday: 12-12

Sunday: 2-10

I do regret closing on Tuesdays, but statistically we are as likely to make $50 as we are to make $200 on that day. Merlin’s needs about $250 in sales for a day to be “successful” in terms of carrying its weight across all of our expenses.

We are also moving our opening and closing times on Wednesday and Thursday. We generally do not see customers prior to 6pm. Additionally, we don’t make many sales after 10pm. While people tend to stick around till 11, they do not generally buy anything, especially on a weeknight.

We are going to compensate on Saturdays by staying open an extra hour since we often see people arriving at 9 or 10. I’m hoping this will draw a third cohort into the store or perhaps encourage people to stick around and have their second drink at Merlin’s rather than elsewhere.

Finally, there will be potential job openings in the near future. If you are interested in working at Merlin’s Beard, send your resume to contact@merlinsbeard.net. Applicants should be 19 and older (preferably, 21) and willing to take alcohol server training which costs about $50. Ideal cabdicates are personable, love games and “nerd culture”, and self-starting.

We will continue to watch as trends unfold and you may see additional adjustments in the future.

Announcing Unrivaled

Merlin’s Beard would like to invite you to join us for the 2017 Unrivaled Tournament Series!

From March to June, stores will host local Satellite tournaments. Each winner will receive an invitation to the Regionals and a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and a prize package including $10,000.

Keep an eyeball fixed on our Facebook page for event notifications with our first event next Tuesday, April 18th! We will be playing Munchkin using the Unrivaled tournament format.

We encourage our players to review the Unrivaled FAQ and Rules prior to arriving at the Beard. You will need to create a Persona on the Oomba social media platform.

Normal player fares and discounts apply when you play at Merlin’s Beard. The fare is $5 per person Thursday through Sunday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there is no fare but there is a minimum food & beverage purchase of $5 per person. You can get 10% off your order by checking in on Yelp.

Merlin’s Beard is looking for loaner copies of the following games to support larger player groups:

  • King of Tokyo
  • Munchkin
  • Ascension (we do not have a copy at this time)
  • Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Rumble at Castle Tentakill
  • Nevermore
  • Villagers and Villains (we do not have a copy at this time.

Anyone loaning the store a game will be compensated with a free soft drink at tournament events.

Hope to see you soon!

Hijack the Colt a Express!

Join us on Friday the 13th to waylay the Colt Express and relieve the passengers of their valuables! Learn to play the 2015 game of the year and walk away with some real loot* to add to your game!

The first person to purchase a copy on Friday will receive a copy of the playmat used at Merlin’s Beard!

*all players will receive “cursed” tokens and winners will receive a cardboard train station model.


Great games make great gifts!

Do you have a gamer in your life and you just can’t figure out what to give them for Christmas?

Merlin’s Beard has what you are looking for!


We have a number of hot new releases still in stock including Tyrants of the Underdark, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, and Arkham Horror the Card game. We’ve restocked hits such as Splendor, Tsuro, and Love Letter. We also have Star Wars Destiny boosters, Dice Masters, and Magic boosters from Kaladesh and Eldridge Moon.

We also offer punch cards (6 visits for $24) and memberships! Give the gift of (nearly) infinite gaming buy giving your loved one a membership at Merlin’s Beard! Buy one year for our Holliday sale price if $150 or purchase one for the family for $200!


Happy Thanksgiving and Site Updates

Website Changes

We’ve made some changes to the website, particularly to the About Us and Game Library pages. We’ve added links to our BoardGameGeek library as well. Enjoy!

New Beer!

We are restocking our Auburn Lager this Friday as well as adding some exciting new options: 9 Ladies Dancing Dessert Beer, Winter Ale, and Mad Bark Cider.

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Savings

Buy 1 year memberships for your favorite people!

1 Year Single Person: $150 (regularly $230)

1 Year Family: $200 (regularly not available)

Offer good for 11/25 and 11/26 only.

Happy Holidays!

It’s that awesome time of the year again where we eat till we explode and spend tons of time with our family and friends, and what better place to do that than Merlin’s Beard?

Thanksgiving Hours


Merlin’s Beard will be closed on Thursday, November 24th but will maintain our typical hours otherwise. Yes, this means we will be open at 11am on Black Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

We will announce Black Friday deals early next week, which may or may not be limited to Dice Masters.

Weekday Deals Start November 22nd

Tuesday – Purdue Students play for $2.50.

Wednesday – Free player fare with any purchase.

Thursday – $1 off bottles and pints.

Celebrate Star Wars

Source: Digital Trends

Rogue One comes out on December 16th and we are dressing up for the occasion. We will have a table set up to teach Star Wars Imperial Assault and Star Wars Armada on December 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th. On December 18th, we will run tournaments for these games with a spiffy medal going to the winner and alternate art cards and tokens for other players based on record.

Coming in May we will have a store tournament kit delivered. It is our hope that aspiring players will be able to qualify for higher levels of the Fantasy Flight tournament season playing from Merlin’s Beard.

Wednesday Abstraction


We’ve been running Go nights every other Wednesday since we’ve opened, but we really want more people to come play Go… and Chess! So we are starting up an Abstract Game Meetup at Merlin’s on Wednesday nights. The first two weeks of each month will be dedicated to teaching and learning the games while the last two weeks will be set for competition.

Take advantage of our free player fare with purchase discount to learn these ancient classic abstracts!

November Notes

Hey, hey! Holy cow! The Cubs win the World Series and Merlin’s has been kicking for 3 months! I’ve got some changes to announce for the month of November.

1) The check in rewards program.

We have a tablet by the register now. Use it when you pay your tab by entering your phone number. You get a free Coke (soft drink) on your next visit and your player’s fare is free every sixth check-in. You’ll also receive an occasional text message about noteworthy events and happenings at Merlin’s Beard. You can opt out at any time of course.

2) New Beer.

We have new beers in this month, all porter and stout in nature. My personal favorite is Left Hand brewery’s Fade to Black which is an Imperial foreign stout. Of equivalent awesomeness is Tyranena’s Devil Made Me Do It, an Oatmeal porter. We’ve also got a gem of a stout in Stone’s Xocoveza, which is a blend of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, and chocolate.

3) New achievements.



Check out our new achievement list to earn up to five bucks off in December. Two of the five achievements are earned just by showing up to various events and playing specific games. Then we have three challenges which include: beat Apocalypse with the deck stacked against you in Legendary, sneak 10 contraband past the Sheriff of Nottingham, and avert the Pandemic.

4) Merlin’s Magic Menu

Every Friday we will be magicing up a marvelous meal with our crock pots! We’ve already experienced Italian Beef and pulled pork. Join us next weekend for chili and the week after for Italian Beef again.

Halloween Events

Wow, it’s been a while since my last update. Things got busy. There was the week I broke all the things, then the weeks where I prepped for our Hogwarts day party (which was awesome!). That’s all behind us though, I want to talk about next week!

Tuesday, October 25th : Candy Wars

img_0408Join Rick Westerman and Merlin’s Beard in a terrorific romp in which the only winner is the one who consumes the losers! Games every half hour starting at 6pm! Baskets of Halloween Candy provided!

Wednesday, October 26th : MTG Kaladesh Draught and Draft

imageCome out for a fun night to meet some new friends and try your hand at a Magic draft. Player’s of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Registration begins at 6:30pm. Player’s will be seeded into drafting groups at 7pm. If numbers permit, we will do two or three groups based on skill level. After the draft, players will play three games. Anyone winning a second game receives a booster as a prize.

Special thanks to Aaron Jozwiak for volunteering to judge the games!

Thursday, October 27th : Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu Giveaway* and Demo

pic3059690_mdWe are running two games of Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu at 6:30 and 7pm. Fight off the growing madness in Arkham and its neighbors and close the gates before Cthulhu rises from sleeping Ryleh beneath the waves!

* No purchase necessary. All guests at Merlin’s Beard during Halloween Week (October 25th through October 29th) receive an entry each day they visit. Event participants on Thursday receive a bonus entry.

Friday, October 27th : Saturday, October 28th : Sunday, October 29th : Halloween Party

img_3328Guests in costume receive $2 off* their order at Merlin’s Beard. There will be a costume contest on Saturday at 8pm, the winner and runner up to receive a Harry Potter themed shot glass!

We will also host a games of Hex Hex on the hour, the winners receiving a free pass to Merlin’s Beard and setting rules for future games of Hex Hex!

*(minimum $5 purchase).

October Achievement Guide

New for October brings Achievements to Merlin’s Beard! Earning achievements scores a point which you can later redeem 1:1 for a store discount on food, player’s fare, and non-alcoholic beverages. So with out further adieu, here is the list for October:

Zombie Dice

Roll 7 brains in one turn without rolling any shotguns.


Win the game AND have finished the first stage by round 5.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Max out a stat.

Dead of Winter

Kill at least 10 zombies as a group in a single round.

Boss Monster

In process… Something like kill certain high level heroes.


Complete Season 2 Mission 2. Worth 2 points instead of 1.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Achieve a victory as the werewolf.

Pandemic Reign of a Cthulhu

Win the game in expert mode (remove 2 of each color from the clue deck). You must use 4 investigators. Bonus: win the game while all investigators are sane.