Worker Wednesday Continues!


Our celebration of worker placement games continues unabashed this evening! Join us for Lords of Waterdeep and Stone Age or any of our gazillions (200?) other games.

Congratulations! Catan Season 1 has a champion!

Beth (Bethany?… We are confused now…) Bekas has taken the title from fierce competitor Kevin Gilam in a no holds barred duel of the fates just last night!


Here you see the dramatic pair in a moment of serene clarity. Hey… Why is that glass empty? I’m going to have to talk to the barkeep….

FYI… Catan Season 2: Seafarers is in need of some loaned copies of the aforementioned expansion. Donors receive free admission to the league.

Season 2 kicks off next Tuesday.

Ticket to Ride Season 1

Don’t forget to get your ticket for season 1 of that ubiquitous train game, Ticket to Ride. Warm ups continue tomorrow and the league pulls away from the station next Thursday.

New Site! Catan!

New Website

I’ve decided to do away with the original site and maintain one as a blog. So here it is! I’ll update the graphics in my spare time and add features after I finish working on my Mars Lander and take the dog for a walk.

Catan League
Catan! It’s a punch in the face!

Catan League Finishing!

What a long strange trip it’s been! Our first league wraps this week in a horse race between arch-rivals Kevin Gilmer and Beth Bekas! Thanks to all of our loyal players that have rolled in along the way.

Catan League Starting!

Why stop a good thing? We are plunging forward with a second Catan league starting next Tuesday, September 27th and ending Tuesday, November 1st!
Entrance fee is $21 ($3 for members current through 11/1)
Rewards @ 30VP and 60VP. $10 gift certificate to winner.

We are looking for individuals willing to loan the Seafarers expansion to Merlin’s for this league. Anyone doing so receives free admission to the league.


Carl is a cool guy. Carl is launching a new game. It’s called ZORP and it’s at Merlin’s Beard on September 20th. Which is totally tomorrow! How cool is it that he chose Merlin’s to launch his game!

Come to Merlin’s! Play Catan! Check out Zorp! It’ll be fantastic!