Seafarers kicks off!

Catan: Seafarers League Sets Sail

Come out to Merlin’s Beard on Tuesday to set sail with the Seafarers and compete to earn rewards in our league format. Earn a free soda at 30VP, a free sandwich at 60VP, and the winner receives a $10 gift certificate to Merlin’s Beard! Participants will also receive a guest pass sometime next week (I just ordered them).

Ticket to Ride, All Aboard

On Thursday our Ticket to Ride league leaves the station. The reward structure will remain similar to Catan’s, so expect opportunities to earn sodas, sandwiches, and our riders will also receive a guest pass when they come in.

League Pricing

  • $3 admission to the league, does not include player’s fare.
  • $21 preregistration includes 6 discounted player fares for league nights.

*image from Wikipedia entry on Catan Seafarers.