Dwarves and Trains and Championships

League of Legends World Championships 2016

Merlin’s Beard is excited to try something new. Starting tomorrow night will will be airing the League of Legends World Championships at Merlin’s Beard*. This event is brought to you in part by the generous action of Adam Kowalski (spelling?) who spends all his free time at Merlin’s anyway and so moved in his TV. Thanks, Adam, we love you!

2016 League of Legends World Championships

League of Legends is a pretty big deal in the competitive video game world, and while I know little about it myself, Andrew and Ian talk about it all the time. So here’s to eSports, Adam, and new ventures at Merlin’s Beard!

* Player’s Fare does not apply to those coming in to watch LOL however we ask that you consider making a purchase while you attend. Should we reach capacity,  non-paying viewers will be asked to make room for paying board gamers, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Ticket to Ride Leaves the Station

All aboard for Ticket to Ride Season 1! Join other travelers every Thursday at Merlin’s Beard for some fast playing, route blocking, set collecting action. League registration is $3 and you can choose to pay all 6 player fares up front for just $3/night ($21). Price is good through the end of the day tomorrow.


I’m still working the the rewards tiers, however we will maintain the rewards from Catan. That is the tier 1 reward is a free soft drink and  the tier 2 reward is a free sandwich. The overall winner will receive a $10 gift certificate and everyone competing will receive one free player’s fare at Merlin’s Beard at the conclusion of the league.

The Trudvang Chronicles and Great Library at Merlin’s Beard

Calling all role playing aficionados! Merlin’s is a working hard on our RPG library and we are especially interested in supporting interesting role playing systems. We have a tablet incoming that will be loaded with Pathfinder and 7th Sea PDFs, plus core rule books for Dungeons and Dragons (5e), 7th Sea (2e), and Pathfinder (coming soon), and legacy books for Shadow Run (2e), Middle Earth Role-Playing (MERP), Star Wars (WEG and WOTC), and D20 Modern.

Trudvang Chronicles Gamemasters Guide

Trudvang Chronicles Gamemasters Guide

We very much would like to add 6 volumes of the award winning Trudvang Chronicles to our library. The cost is $90 with shipping through Kickstarter, bringing the system to English for the first time. If you are interested in helping us out, bring a few dollars in and contribute to the Trudvang Support Fund at Merlin’s Beard. I plan on learning the rules via PDF as soon as they are released to us and then I will host a training day for everyone involved. More information can be found here.

If there are other RPG systems you are interested in, Merlin’s is willing to help you find and acquire them through group funding similar to what we are doing with Trudvang. We will observe the following rules when building the library in this manner:

Donation rules

  1. We are only raising the money necessary to fund and ship the book(s).
  2. Cash only.
  3. Merlin’s will chip in $10 once funded.
  4. If we exceed the total cost we will start to refund money (after the kickstarter) to the largest donors first down until everyone is on equal footing.
  5. Anyone who contributes shall have their name written on the inside front cover of all the books we receive.
  6. There will be a record kept on the Looking for Group board at Merlin’s Beard.
  7. Donors do not have to pay a player’s fare when reviewing the books. Their groups pay $2.50/person to play the game at Merlin’s.
  8. Donors may purchase fountain sodas at the refill price (~at cost to Merlin’s) while reviewing or playing the game.