Draught and Draft: Magic the Gathering

Taking a page from our neighbors to the north (Snakes and Lattes), join us on Wednesday, October 26 for our very first Magic event at Merlin’s Beard! Come out for a fun night to meet some new friends and try your hand at a Magic draft. Player’s of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Registration begins at 6:30pm. Player’s will be seeded into drafting groups at 7pm. If numbers permit, we will do two or three groups based on skill level. After the draft, players will play three games. Anyone winning a second game receives a booster as a prize.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1840042459551814/

Registration: 6:30pm limited to 32 persons.

Draft begins: 7:00pm

Format: Booster draft, Swiss tournament

Set: Kaladesh

Cost: $20 covers your fare, 3 boosters, and 1 pint (beer or soda*)

Prizes: Drafters who finish 2-0 or 2-1 receive a booster as a prize.

* Soda comes with 2 refills.