Halloween Events

Wow, it’s been a while since my last update. Things got busy. There was the week I broke all the things, then the weeks where I prepped for our Hogwarts day party (which was awesome!). That’s all behind us though, I want to talk about next week!

Tuesday, October 25th : Candy Wars

img_0408Join Rick Westerman and Merlin’s Beard in a terrorific romp in which the only winner is the one who consumes the losers! Games every half hour starting at 6pm! Baskets of Halloween Candy provided!

Wednesday, October 26th : MTG Kaladesh Draught and Draft

imageCome out for a fun night to meet some new friends and try your hand at a Magic draft. Player’s of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Registration begins at 6:30pm. Player’s will be seeded into drafting groups at 7pm. If numbers permit, we will do two or three groups based on skill level. After the draft, players will play three games. Anyone winning a second game receives a booster as a prize.

Special thanks to Aaron Jozwiak for volunteering to judge the games!

Thursday, October 27th : Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu Giveaway* and Demo

pic3059690_mdWe are running two games of Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu at 6:30 and 7pm. Fight off the growing madness in Arkham and its neighbors and close the gates before Cthulhu rises from sleeping Ryleh beneath the waves!

* No purchase necessary. All guests at Merlin’s Beard during Halloween Week (October 25th through October 29th) receive an entry each day they visit. Event participants on Thursday receive a bonus entry.

Friday, October 27th : Saturday, October 28th : Sunday, October 29th : Halloween Party

img_3328Guests in costume receive $2 off* their order at Merlin’s Beard. There will be a costume contest on Saturday at 8pm, the winner and runner up to receive a Harry Potter themed shot glass!

We will also host a games of Hex Hex on the hour, the winners receiving a free pass to Merlin’s Beard and setting rules for future games of Hex Hex!

*(minimum $5 purchase).