Merlin’s Madness!

Big Book of Madness Store Championship

Mad Merlin here, reporting live from Merlin’s Beard where we’ve just learned that there will be a tournament to see which team of wizards is best at opening and then closing the dreaded Big Book of Madness!

The Window of Opportunity opens for teams of 3 to 5 players starting this Wednesday, July 26th and closes on Sunday, July 30th. All participants will receive two monster promo cards to add to their own Books of Madness. The new cards feature a Mime and a Santa monster! Members of the highest scoring team will each receive a Golem monster promo card and the team MVP will receive the Broken Token lectern!

Points are scored for pages turned, round progress, spells bought, curses destroyed, and madness remaining. Will you make the grade? Find out this week at Merlin’s Beard!

Spiel Winners at Merlin’s Beard!

Kingdomino (spiel des jahres) and Exit (kennerspiel des jahres) are both available to play and purchase at Merlin’s Beard!

Kingdomino is another great game from Blue Orange (Battle Sheep) that teaches in minutes and plays in 15 to 20 or so. Players select domino tiles to add to their kingdom and score points by connecting similar landscape features.

Exit is an escape room turned into a series of puzzle games. Merlin’s has one available for you to try out and a few copies left for purchase. If you like Exit, try out Unlock (also an escape room series) or TIME Stories, which is an excellent series of mystery games.

Takenoko League Continues!

It’s not too late to join us for Takenoko! We have some excellent prizes for top scoring players including alternate art miniatures and bamboo bags.

Coming soon to Merlin’s Beard:

Rozy Pony King of Tokyo Tournament (Early August)

Smash Up! Tournament (Late August)