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New at Merlin’s Beard:

Wasteland Express Delivery Service : 90-180 min : Pick Up and Delivery

Fate of the Elder Gods : 30-90 min : Area Control

Tiny Epic Quest : 30-60 min : Adventure

Flamme Rouge : 30-45 min : Racing

Flick Em Up: Dead of Winter : 30-45 min : Dexterity

Codenames Duet : 15-30 min : Co-operative

Coming Soon

Ex Libris (October)

Raiders of the North Sea (October)

Bunny Kingdom (Sep/Oct)


Dracula’s Feast

Pebbles Bamboo Tangrams

Interface Zero 2.0: Cyberpunk for Pathfinder


Trudvang Chronicles

Mech Command RTS

Massive Darkness

The Dresden Files

Fog of Love

Founders of Gloomhaven